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“underlines how versatile a writer he can be”  -THE STAGE

Enjoyed it hugely   -Classic FM

Melodic and inventive, often with unexpected twists… An interesting new talent worth watching  -SHOWMUSIC USA 



  “ A nifty little show… a chamber piece that certainly works on its own terms…. A dozen songs that deftly encapsulate the situation… enjoyable 90 minutes.  Brought to mind another chamber piece,  TROUBLE IN TAHITI … unlike Bernstein’s piece, though, SNAP! is a happy, snappy show.”   -WHAT’S ON IN LONDON

  “ Several entertaining and musically satisfying moments…amusing and perceptive.”  -MUSICAL STAGES

Deliciously witty…. A tumbling stream of Sondheimesque rhymes and wordplay….most definitely a name to watch….. dazzlingly clever…clearly the debut of a very exciting new music-theatre voice”   **** rating  -METRO




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